Need firmware for Micro advantage 16DDVDRW-A13

Does anyone have a firmware file for this drive ? A hacked one will be worth a try. I tried using the ones at Aopen’s site but they say wrong drive,thus the need for a hacked one I guess. I’ts an hour drive to the nearest Officemax where I have a warranty,the one here went out of business lol,them too huh.

Update…I found a firmware file that works,all is fine now and a slightly faster drive to boot

OK - Where did you find the firmware. I need it also.



I found it here. I hope it’s ok to post a web address.

I found the A110 in the 1680/aar worked for me. I seems to work well now but can’t seem to burn dvd video,data burning is ok tho. I’ll have to try another program(using nero 7.5)

good luck

Sawyer4444, did the flash firm/ware work or do you still get the error:
“Sorry this flash utility can’t update this model”?

His one and only post is from: 21-10-2006 :confused:


I gave up and purchased a new drive.


Thanks for the reply. Sorry about the failure? The firmware flash from ‘Micro Advantage…’ to ‘AOpen DUW1608’ and then to ‘AOpen DUW1616’ usually works great.