Need firmware for HP cd12 cd-writer



I have HP cd12 cd-writer (software identified as cd12d, HP label marked as C9631). Firmware version was LKS2. But it was some problems with modern high-speed media, and I can’t find newest firmware from HP (see - newest firmware version is OKS2 version, but it’s not present on HP ftp). Today I download newest firmware LS23 from Lite-On LTR-12101B (because one string on the writer case label is LTR-12101B), and now writer can write only some 4x cd-rw media. :confused: :frowning:
It’s my mistake - I don’t made backup… So I want find HP firmware OKS2 (оr old LKS2, maybe). Help me, please!!!


I don’t know if it is possible to backup a firmware on a “1B” Lite-ON…


You could try the LKUA firmware available here:

It will not flash your drive since your firmware is not within the proper range. You can try this version though.


Yes, now it’s all OK, with LKUA firmware version. Thanks!
P.S. But I use original LKUA, not the modified. I firstly flash LS17 (modified with hex-editor, change “LS17” string for “LKU1”) version witn pflash, and after flash original LKUA.


Nice! I didn’t know whether you knew how to use pflash or not :wink:

The modified flasher would probably have worked without the extra steps though :slight_smile: