NEED FIRMWARE! FOR hl dt st dvd ram gsa h20n PLEASE help

It’s all in the title need to get the firmware for the drive so I can modify it and reduce speed settings to burn media at lower speed. Any help would be great-fully appreciated been pulling my hair out try to find it. need the speed to be lower for certain media.

Hopefully you get what you need from that link. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the firmware but unfortinatly it didn’t solve my problem I need to modify the firmware to reduce speeds on media types in this case cd-r’s need to make the write speeds slower but the program i have (speed edit I think its called) only lets you modify dvd media types not any cd media at all. Which is a pain any idea how to get around this I need it for burning dreamcast and sega cd games for my original machines and the cd’s won’t work unless they are burned at much lower speeds (i need at least 2x to 8x) all I can get it 16x which is way too high.

Tried changing the speed in the programs that I burn with but it just reverts back to what the original firmware allows and don’t say just play the games on emulators it just isn’t the same. Please any advice would be helpful and please don’t say buy a new burner :clap::sad:

There’s absolutely no way to lower CD write speeds in any drive, unfortunately.

I would ask what brand of CD-R media you use; if it was a brand known to have average quality discs, maybe a brand with discs of an excellent quality would help. But outside of buying a separate drive (like a dedicated CD-R drive known to have a wide range of write speeds) or buying old CD-R media rated for only 4x or 8x (which may still be written at 16x), there’s no way to get around the issue.