Need firmware for 1633SX, help!

damn,…I have a liteon 1633sx external USB2.

it worked well until i upgrade with the new firmware.
now it is not taking my DVD and it burn halfway and then an error pop out, and it says: “Ohhhh nooooo”.(dvd decrypter).

I would like to return to my previous firmware, was something like boH…my DVD burner is not conncted, but I remember it was saying someting like :“will change from BSOH to BSOS, press OK”(and their website said u can not come back…)

please, could someone send me by email this firmware(ending with a H) for my 1633SX, my email adress is

i hope i have upgrade with for the wrong DVD writer 1633S and not the SX…

i hope one of you can help me.

thank you.


dont bother with that, have uploaded the wrong firmware…all set now!!!