Need firmware fo sw9576 rev AzX8



Hallo to everybody
I’m stuck , I have a sw-9576 drive dvdram from matshita
Recently ihave tried to upgrade firmware and I have used the windump to save and retrieve the factory firmware from the drive ,and the win flash to re flash it .But the windump couldnot save the firmware from the Drive to the pc.It gave me a SW-9576-sAZX8 firmware (not converted to be able to flash it again at the drive.
Does anyone have this firmware SW-9576-sAZX8.dat ???
Does anyone know how to convert the dumped file SW-9576-sAZX8.dat to a flashable file???

Please notice that the dumped file tha I have extract from the drive Is 4mb
And the original firmware is about 700kbyte or 753 Kbyte