Need firmware fo DVR-S18Mbk


I am new to this forum and I need a little help.
I’ve looked though alot of the forums and I couldn’t find anything on DVR-S18MBK. I could find info on DVR-S18L though, not sure what the difference is. That is where My problem starts, I was having a problem with writer dropping a lot of DL disks so wanted to see if there was an update for it. I found “DVRS18_FW1.02_100122” but after I updated writer is worse off. Now it can’t read or write any disks, so I figure I used wrong firmware. Can anyone help me find the right firmware?


The Pioneer drive you have is NOT a true Pioneer (with NEC chipset) drive, it is in fact a rebadged QSI (Mediatek chipset) drive. There have been numerous issues here with this drive and Dual Layer media.

I don’t think you have used the incorrect firmware, the BK in the name denotes the colour (black), I’m not sure what the M denotes. Was this a retail boxed drive or just a bare drive in a bag?

Can you reflash with the older 1.02 from firmware HQ?

Thanks for the reply jubjubbird.

Yes I’ve learned alot about the pioneer that I bought since I started coming to this site.

Yes the the writer came in a retail box, on the Pioneer web site it was listed seperately from the DVR-218L.

I tried to flash with the older firmware, but it says that it don’t match my drive.

I could be wrong but I think I’m going to need my origianl firmware, but I don’t know where to find it.

Do you or anyone else know where I can find out for sure if that is the correct firmware?

Thanks again for the help!!

The S18M and S18L are the same drives, just different regional marketing, but both are the same as DVR-218L. Typically, official firmware flasher doesn’t allow flashing back to older firmware, so you may be stuck with 1.02.

So then I must be doing something wrong.
When flasher finishs it reports flash was sucsessful, but the drive won’t work. It tries to read a disk, but it can’t or won’t.