Need firmware/drivers for WH08LS20K



Received a LG BD Burner Model: WH08LS20K but it did not come with any drivers or codecs for any software to read or burn Blu-ray dvds. Does anybody know where I can get this or if there is another firmware that works with this model?


Even an OEM version of a BD drive should come with a simple CD or DVD…


I know you would think so…but I ordered it at Newegg and it was just the drive wrapped in bubble wrap, i then went back and received more of the reviews and there are others that said that they didnt get any CD or DVD with it.


Reading BD discs should work with windows, playing movies will require a software like power dvd, and you can do the burning using imgburn.


Yea i tried using Powerdvd, WinDVD and even VLC but they say that dont recognize the disk. But the disk is good because i can play it in my Bluray player in the living room, doesnt make sense. the drive sees the disk, I can go to My Computer and it gives me the title of the Disk, and lets me explore it wit no problems.


How have you set it up?
Which controller card or mobo is used?


Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema (Free). Just Google it to download. The latest versions now natively play Blurays movies (no codecs required). You will, however, not get access to all the fancy menus and extra features but you should be able to play any extra video (ie - making of the feature, etc) and should be able to access all additional audio tracks (ie, director/cast commentary). I believe Media Player classic also now supports full bitrate lossless audio format output (ie TrueHD), which PowerDVD apparently downsamples.

To Use Media Player Classic to play Blurays, open up the STREAMS folder on the disc and look for the largest mts file (usually 0000.mts or 0001.mts)

Or you could shell out $$ for Cyperlink Power DVD… to be able to see the pretty menus and have to wait for adverts/piracy warnings, etc.

If only Media Player Classic HC would play HDDVD natively! I have to track down how to get it to read EVO files…


Ditto/ need FW links.

Also, I have Blue Ray suite from Cyber Link which works as well as the BD version of power DVD. All work fine BTW!