Need firmware and media compatibility list for ND-3550A


Hi everyone:

I’m trying to help a friend with an ND-3550A. He has firmware version 1.07 on it.

First, many of the firmware links are dead. Where can I find the latest firmware updates for this drive?

Also, can anyone tell me where I could find a media compatibility list for this drive for firmware versions above 1.05? (For versoin 1.05 I found it on the NEC website. Still.) However, I can’t find a compatibility list for anything newer.



1.07 is the latest firmware for that drive.
If you want to find exactly what media is in that firmware you should try to find MCSE tool:


Thanks for that. Can you, by any chance, recommend a DVD-R media that gets really good quality burns on that drive?


I would go with either Verbatim or Tayio Yuden discs.
You can’t go wrong with them.