Need firmware "2x16" for Philips DVD8631!

I folks,

I have lost my “2x16” firmware for my Philips DVD8631. I accidently overwrote it when I did a backup of another firmware.

Today it’s crossflashed to a BENQ 1620, after a while it begun to stop burning at 70% and I’m planning to send it back to fujitsu for replacement.
When I send it back I’d really like to have the original firmware “2x16” on it.

My old “2x16” was overwritten when I dumped another drive, so stupid. Now I googled around for a day without finding it. Please someone with this firmware could you take a minute to dump it for me.

Thanks in advance
tungurknifur at hotmail dot com

It’s a codex of honor NOT to RMA drives broken by crossflashing.
But your type of drive (1620’s) are known to die early even when not crossflashed, so you might be excused. :wink:


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Thanks pinto2,

I do have problem with the moral and the codex of honor regarding RMA of a crossflashed drive.
The first reason for doing the crossflash was that I experienced some problems with the drive and hoped that it would be resolved. To bad it did not. Secondly, the fujitsu support in my country is not what it should be, as I have worked with optical hardware development I pounded my chest and did a try myself. To bad I overwrote the original backup.

I’m still looking for the original OEM firmware version “2x16”.
In the mean time I will flash it to P3.6 which from my knowledge is the Philips non-oem latest firmware for 8631.

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You may have a problem with it but it is not just a code of honour it is also in the warranty. This is why in the BQflasher thread there is a big warning in red telling you that it may break the drive and you take full responsability for it. It realy does not matter how experienced you are, and it applies to some manufacturers of PCs too I have built over 20 yet if I put a hdd in this commercial PC I have the warranty is void.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, you should have got intouch with Philips the moment you started to have problems. As you have crossflashed they can turn around and say prove you had the problems first. It’s not just them being harsh, but they don’t know your experience, they don’t know if there were problems first, they just know you have done something outside of warranty and against their general advice. It’s done to protect themselves from idiots who try things witout the knowledge or experience.