Need files to burn Maryilyn manson cd image

In the past i’ve made a clonecd image of a Maryilyn Manson cd - Lest We Forget The best of
But i’ve lost some of the files that made the set. I only have the .img file (the big one) and can’t find the .ccd or .sub files (which tend to be a few kb) As a last resort i was wondering if it worth posting whether somebody with the same cd could make an image with clonecd and then send me just the ccd and sub files, and i could then try to use these with my own img file ? I’m on dial up modem so can’t really download a 700mb img file.

Does this sound worth a shot ?

If so are there any forums it might be worth posting ?


Why don’t you use the original CD that you surely have at home to make that backup copy? :wink:



have you tried burn the .img file?
in the selection window ->file types -> all files
but the best is to use the “original CD that you surely have at home” :slight_smile: