Need feedback on TDK dvd+r (TDK002)

Hello guys,
i’m a bit confused about TDK +R with TDK002 mediacode, 'casue of so contrastant opinions i heard. I read that TDK dye is produced by CMC under TDK control quality standards.

These 3 letters C-M-C are enough to let me stay alone from these media, but on digitalfaq & Videohelp TDK002 (taiwanese too!!) are considered a very good supports, i.e. not like TDK dvd with CMC MAG.E01 code.

Besides some scans i found confirmed it

So which is the definetly word on these media please?
Thanks in advance

I honestly don’t think it’s been tested by enough forum members. I don’t know if that media code even exists here in the US where a good number of posters are located.

I own some TDK002 DVD+R and a NEC ND-3500.
The TDK002-discs are supported at 16x with the original firmware in the ND-3500. The discs burn well at 12x and 16x, taking about 7min or 6min for a full one. As the NEC is the only drive I own I haven’t been able to test them but the read transfer test is perfect.
CO4J31110XA334 is engraved in the plastic inner ring.

Usually the only way to get hold of TDK discs with that media code is to buy the jewel cased versions. The cake boxed versions turn out to be CMC MAG E01 or RICOHJPN R02.

You can find this media code here in Europe, 25-cakeboxes
There is a TDK plant in Luxemboug.$ID=32

Burns find and consistently at 12X on the Benq 1620

WoW!!!, Max PI = 9?? Impressive, but I would love to see the PIF a bit lower

No way on this media to get better results. Crosschecked with other burners as well.

The good is that quality is maintained constant AFAIK.

Don’t trust European release of TDK discs -Many of them are MBIPG101R04

AFAIK only that one with MBIPG101R04 ID are moser bear manufactured.Otherwise it’s produced by CMC (with tdk control quality test) or TDK itself.

BTW most of TDK002 are produced in Luxemburg! I bought a spindle as well to test it. According to Sapa results they’re pretty good!

@Sapa thanks for the link! Excellent price on Maxell media!

These are pretty good discs. You best not worry about CMC having anything to do with the manufacture of TDK’s discs. TDK’s TTG01,TTG02 were/are both made in CMC factory and they’re very good discs too.

Think about ricoh discs, they’re made in a Ritek factory under Ricoh’s quality controls and they’re great discs too, much more reliable and more consistent than ritek discs.