Need fastest BD rip drive



I want to replace my 8x LG BD drive, so I bought a 12x ASUS BC-12B1ST drive and it’s slower! I checked to make sure it’s not riplocked, and it’s wasn’t. I will be returning it and going back to LG.

I’m looking for the fastest 12x LG BD drive that can have it’s riplock removed. I do not need burning functions.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


Did you happen to save a transfer rate graph of the ASUS? It’s specs are 8x BD-R and 6x BD-R DL. Are you ripping mostly DL or SL BDs? Are you quite sure that the drive is not rip-locked? My Lite-on iHBS112 rips commercial BD DL faster than any of my rip-lock removed LG drives.