Need fast finilizing

I’m recording five dvd-r disc at one time in a live, on site location, takes about 5 to 7 min. to finilizie about 5min. worth of video. how can I speed this up.

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After having a read around about the DVD specification, I came across a Pioneer article mentioning that the outer edge of the recording must be a minimum of 35mm from the inner radius of the disc. This means that when you go to finalise a disc with a short recording, the DVD recorder must create a lead-out large enough such that the recorded area meets the minimum DVD specification.

The two ways I’m aware of to reduce the finalisation time would be to use DVD-R’s with a speed rating of at least the maximum your drive supports and to try and record at least roughly 1/4 of the disc’s capacity to minimise the amount of time writing the leadout. :wink:

Sean, thanks for the finilising feedback. I thought about burning part of the discs to lengthen the recorded area but then my clients have to look at dead space until the music video begins. I do 60-100 discs at an event and it becomes impractical to pre-burn that many. If I buy 10 new stand alone units, what specs should I look for that aids in faster finilising?