Need fast CD/DVD Ripper

Will the Lite-on SOHW-1693S do the trick? It’s also a DVD burner which is good backup if my NEC 2500A craps out.

EDIT: Also the drive should have good DVD-R[W]/DVD+R[W] burning capabilities, otherwise I’ll just get a DVD-ROM drive.

Take a look at this thread.

Yes, very well and it will do a better job burning than your NEC (no flames please, I own two).

Hehe, we are in the neutral zone chas.

I think I’ll go for the Benq because my NEC drives is terrible at reading scratched discs. It can take up to an hour to read a track on a heavily scratched disc!

Good choice. The BenQ is well know for its ability to read damaged discs and is a fast ripper as well. Don’t forget the MCSE riplock patch: