Need external DVD: Plextor 716UF, Pioneer, BenQ, or NEC in enclosure?



I need an external DVD burner, which of these would you suggest would be the best write quality with DVD-R media?: Plextor 716UF, Pioneer, BenQ, or an NEC in an external enclosure?
The plextor seems good, but i’ve been hearing about quality issues with this drive, Also, which is the best NEC and what enclosures do you think may work well?
thanks folks!


I would go with the NEC 3520 or the BenQ 1620 as they are the two best drives I own and they both work well with external enclosures. BenQ has some serious quality control problems so be prepared to have the possibility of an early death with their drive if you get one of the problem ones. Also, if you plan to do any burning above 12X you need a Prolific 3507 chip. Plumax uses these and they are available at Dealsonic in either Firewire/USB2 or USB2 alone.