Need external burner...which one?

Laptop burner playing up…need a good external, which I can also use on my (still coming) Mac G4.
Limited choice available…wanna get this in the next few hours, so 3 or 4 suggestions would be appreciated. I´m pretty sure the main names are there such as BenQ Samsung LiteOn Sony…
NEED: great quality and ability to do quality scans.


get a Liteon 6S (or Sony DW-12A series) with a Cypress based enclosure, as you want disc scanning. Note, that the Liteon is not suited for CD scanning.
The other option would be a Benq EW164B (if you can get one). That is the external version of Benq DW 1640.


Another vote for what suggested Michael :iagree:

Rode my bike through a bit of a storm, the rain, the wind, the traffic to the computer store :Z They had 5 externals: LG something, Phillips, Samsung slimline, a very expensive (€149) Plextor slimline, and a LiteOn…
Gave them €59 for the [B]LiteOn[/B] [B]SHW 1635S[/B]

The liteon 1635 is a good drive.

If you need to use RAM discs, however, it’s better to buy a “6” series liteon drive. The LG and the samsung can be excluded because aren’t able to do quality scans. The plextor is too costly.

They didn´t have a 6.
My ancient desktop has a LG-4167 which can handle RAM discs if I need them.
The extra money for the Plextor will allow me to replace the drive on this Vaio…but later. Got my hands full to make my recovery discs and stuff right now.

Go for the liteon then :slight_smile:

Installed and testing now (as the world prepares to wovel)

The Philips they sold, is also a Liteon drive :slight_smile:

Danke Michael…zu spät mate…but I tried to follow your tip. Looked long and hard at the Plextor though…but I can live with this Litey…now all I need is some good beer and someone to manage my wovel :slight_smile: