Need External burner for TY media

whats a good external burner for TY dvd-+ media?

Sony & Pioneer

Any others brand models???

Pioneer DVR-X122.That’s what I’am getting!And I use TY Media also

[I]shady007[/I], another option is Samsung SE-S184M, burns YUDEN000-T03 media great here. Also good on almost any other quality media.
BTW, no problem burning 18x+ over USB2. :wink:

He’s right my friend brought a Samsung SE-S184M for his son and he loves it!

OK it’s down to the samsung or the LG GSA-E10L

I would like to buy 1 tonight, So which one would be a better buy?

I vote for the Samsung

well i just found out the samsung has lead in problems for - media. no good. Im gone go with LG

Some Samsung 18x models do. Mine does not, although it’s internal.

I have the E10N (no LS), which is a great drive also (I’m getting a bit of deja vu here…).

I wouldn’t chance it then.Go the LG or Pioneer route!

good movie.

well this is Not good. Scanned with my banq :frowning: peice of LG GSA-E10L junk.

Discussion about that result continues in another thread:

whats going on here with my burns