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I am about to purchase a dvd/cd burner. My question is to those who have knowledge about the different products on the market. I am looking for an internal dvd/cd burner that also has the Lightscribe so that I will be able to label my dvd’s and cd’s. I am looking for the best product that I can buy that doesn’t take a lifetime to record dvd’s and cd’s, needs to be fast in recording both dvd’s and cd’s. I have heard of many names such as Lite-On, BenQ, Nec, etc… I am just not sure what is the best quality product on the market today. So here you go experts, let’s see what you have to reccommend.

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If interested in LS then that discounts Nec LF. Of the three that I would shortlist (BenQ, LG & Lite-On) LG if only because they’re consistantly good at reading & writing, but no scanning. Lite-On are pretty good writers, but exceptional readers & scanners. BenQ just excellent allrounders. So BenQ 1st Lite-On 2nd LG 3rd. If not bothered about scanning, promote LG to # 1.


everyone is simply going to say read reviews. As long as you go with a good name, you cant really go wrong; based on what you want, I’d probably go for an LG or BenQ 1655…



I think I can do without the Lightscribe since I have been reading that it takes quite a while to actually complete the labeling. Without LS, what would be the best product that produces great quality in a timely manner?

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Still recomend the BenQ DW1655, it has LS but is the best burner I have. Its also only just slightly more expensive than the DW1650 which is the same drive without LS.