Need expert help!



I have a Samsung 612B DVD-ROM drive that had firmware FN03 on it. Since I installed XP, only CDs will read and DVDs won’t. Here is where things get tricky…

Samsung’s site has a firmware update E000 for XP users, and also BS04 for older Windows versions. None would flash with the Windows based flasher or the DOS flasher because it always said it was a different model.

So I googled, and got some Packard Bell firmware for the drive that actually worked. It was version BS05.

Ever since doing that, I have been unable to update it again to BS06 or the XP compatable E000. I did get all the flashers to work now, WIndows and DOS based, and all say they complete the firmware update.

But when I reboot, it always stays with the BS05 firmware, even when it says the other versions finished sucessfully.

Please somebody help!!!


You can try it with flasher/firmwares from here.

However, a warning from etna:

Warning!! This drive is dangerous to flash.
Many drives died while flashing, but the firmware works after external flashing.