Need expert help with Nero please!

Hi all. I’ve got 28 gigs of mp3 files to back up on DVD and am using the latest Nero Ultra Edition Suite. I used the backup mode so that I didn’t have to split the burn into multiple jobs. The first disk burned fine, but the second one failed after placing the files in the cache; there was some problem mentioned about “updating.” I used the 8+3 (sp?) file convention for longer names. Nero also didn’t give me the chance to start again from where I was which is kind of a bummer.

  1. Did I do something wrong, and how do I do it correctly?

  2. I noticed that my file names were changed to something COMPLETELY different. Its all capitals, uses very few words from the actual title, and adds a tilde mark. How can I have it burn the same same file names that are on my HD?

Thanks alot. If it helps I’m using a NEC 3500A burner and Verbatim media.
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Using Nero backup is ok i suppose, personally i would have just burned batches to various disks, it would have worked fine. Whats happened with the mymp3~.mp3 is that you have used DOS compatable names so everything became CAPS and a max of 8 characters or that is to say you have use level1 iso characters (8+3) instead of level2 (32 characters), this option is avail in Nero, its also in preferences in Backup, untick the 8+3 box and it should use the proper names when redoing your dvd’s. If they are already deleted and only on disk, your unfortunatly stuck with the new names.

Thanks. Any reason why the job would have crashed? Do they “just do that sometimes” or is something definitely wrong? I don’t want to waste a bunch of DVD’s only for it to crash at the 6th one.

I have no idea why, i’ve never used a backup program, it could be a bug for all i know. Best way is just to backup files to disk using Nero Express. At least if theres a problem you can just re-burn the last project.