Need Expert Help Burning Movies On Nero 5 Or 6

i’ve gone through a million different threads trying EVERYTHING possible. here’s my problem: i have many movies on my computer in avi format. since i want to burn them on to a cd-r, i open nero and wait like… an hour for it to encode and then another 10 minutes to burn. so when thats all done, i play back the cd and there’s no movie. just a bunch of files with no indication of picture, sound, or anything movie related.
then i read somewhere that if the movie plays in a divx player, then it’ll play in nero. so i downloaded all the necessary codecs for the movies to play fine in the divx player. but when i try to preview the movie in nero, i get picture but no sound. i’ve downloaded divx codec version 3 and 5, and also an ac3 filter. my primary question is… WHY ISN’T NERO BURNING MY MOVIES??? and why isn’t there any sound? i’ve read that you can convert avi files to mpeg using TMPGEnc but whats the point when nero does it automatically anyways.
so my main problem is just getting stupid nero to burn my movies. PLEASE HELP!!!

what is it you are trying to create ? a VCD or SVCD ? why not just burn the avi file to CD and play that when you want to ?