Need expert analysis: Burning results with Sony D21 and LiteOn 1633S



Hey guys. It’s my first post here at cdfreaks, after browsing the forums off and on for some time now. What I have is a request for any “experts” we may have to analyze the results I’ve gathered while burning ISO images to Sony D21 16x DVD+R discs. I got them on a really god deal at Staples yesterday, and from what I have read, they are supposed to be good discs, but the results I have gotten are mixed to me.

I’m supplying a handful of images. A caption will be above each one. All burns were done using a LiteON SOHW1633S drive with the BSOY unmodded firmware. Burning software is ImgBurn 2.1. If anyone would like to recommend a better burning software package, I’m open to suggestions. The only restriction I have is Alcohol120. I’ve used it before and have had extremely poor results with it.

Scanning was done with KProbe 2.5.2, using primarily default settings 8/1 4x.

During the first test I did (results not being posted), which was at 16x, I had ImgBurn’s verify feature turned on. It came up with a handful of read failure notices towards the last portion of the disc. They were basically in the same area as the spike in the 16x results below, but much worse on the charts.

The information I’m basically looking for is:

[li] Were these discs at least a decent purchase for my drive (considering $24.99 for 100). Discs are Sony D21 MIT 16x DVD+R
[/li][li]Do you think 16x is suitable for these discs, or should I stick with 8x?
[/li][li]At either speed, would the resulting errors as shown in these reports affect usability.
I don’t mind burning at 8x. It really doesn’t seem to take much longer.

Control Scan, Done with used-but-not-abused original DVD.

Sony D21 +R, Burned at 16x

Sony D21 +R, Burned at 8x

Another control scan of sorts. Memorex branded, Ritek F1 DVD-R 16x, but burned at 8x

Summary in spreadsheet format

Remember that the Original and Riteks are control scans for comparison.


The 8x burns of the Sony media is within spec and OK. Many would burn 16x media at 12x anyway & that might be worth a try.
Whilst this media isn’t really up to the same standard , I believe, as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden it seems to still give decent results.

ImgBurn is a fine piece of software used by many , many members here.

The Memorex/Ritek media would be considered to be poor quality & best avoided anyway.


Hi vetinari83, and welcome to the forum.

Sony coded discs are decent. I would buy a new burner personally, as I think it would perform better with those discs. The errors on the RitekF1 look like a firmware problem to me, because they fall dramatically at a single pooint.



As suggested - these would probably burn better with a newer drive-

Suggest getting the LiteOn 160P6s and burning at 8x-

In the future you can get better media like the Verbatim 16x +R MCC004 for about the same price or the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02 for about 10 cents per disc more - and probably save money in the long run in time and coaster count-eh!


The results with your sony at 16x and 8x are actually both fine. The huge singular spike is a glitch, if you didn’t know that, so don’t be alarmed, it’s not actually real.

So in my opinion, you burns (on sony DVD+R) were fine. Try 12x just for fun :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone. Yeah, this drive is a couple years old at least. Possibly 3. It has been pretty good to me, but I have been looking at updating to either a newer LiteOn or BenQ.


I would go for a newer LiteOn - BenQ’s are hard to find, although if you manage to find a 1640, 1650 or 1655 snap it up - some of the best burners ever.


If you have a local CompUSA in your area, you can snatch up a Benq, they’re branded as Compusa and list DW1650 on the box, which is a dead giveway that you’ll get a Benq DW1650, and some have reported getting a DW1640 under the same box/model#. There were tons of them on the shelves when I went, and the build date was August 2006, which tells me there should be MANY more available.

I just picked one up at 49$, expensive, but it’s a good burner and scanner.

Nonetheless, after testing the Benq against three other burners it’s nothing spectacular, but solid, never produced a coaster. It’s extremely picky with media as well and will often drop speed on certified media. It’s scanning ability is it’s greatest asset IMO.

Getting back on topic, Sony media isn’t the greatest. So far I haven’t seen any great media from them. What I’ve tried (MID SONYD21 and SONY16D1, iirc) have produced mediocre results at best, and I’ve tried it on four burners. PIF levels are very high overall but constant (nothing greater than 3 or 4 when scanned on a Liteon). PIE’s end up in average to high range. Not something I’d spend my money on unless it’s dirt cheap.

When I say Sony media, I mean MID codes, there is plenty of Sony-branded media (8x as Taiyo Yuden, among others) which are extremely good.