Need eeprom for LTC-48161H

Hi Guys, I have flashed my 401s to the 411s and I must say with total success.
But now for the Bad news, in all the rush and excitement of flashing the 401s, I accidently flashed the eeprom of my lite-on LTC-48161h combo drive with the edited 401s eeprom bin. I know, I know, bloody stupid of me, but the drive is still working fine, just wondering if anyone out the has the same combo drive, if they could extract the eeprom for me and send it to me.

Thanks guys

I feel like a bloody idiot!!! :slight_smile: :eek:

It’s very unlikely that you will be successfull in flashing anything other then the original EEPROM on that drive.

I think he just flashed it by mistake, he might have selected the wrong drive, one for which he doesn’t have a backup, and just wants to get the drive back to it’s original condition. It’s a wonder that it works at all.

Go to and get any version of the firmware for your drive and use mtkflash to flash it back with the right firmware.

Hi Guy’s it’s not the firmware I’m after, it’s actually the 1k eeprom bin file, extracted from the drive.


Bit of Deja Vu on this one. I am after the exact same eeprom.bin file as you for the LTC-48161H. And I blew it while doing some work with the 401 !!! I had posted on the “Request Firmware” section for this but to date no replies.

I guess we’ll just keep asking here for it and hope something comes through. Please PM the file …someone…please!

PS I’m from Oz also…LOL.

Studebarc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Studebarc, I thought I had already provided the file to you. Since I am the new owner of one of these things I can share mine. Just send me an email asking for it.

I have this drive. Can you tell me how to extract the eeprom from this drive?

Thanks Guy’s drive repaired, I owe you one, or two.

Hey All…
I also need LTC-48161H eeprom file.
dhc014 or someone else please send it to my email: