Need EEPROM dump for LSC-24082K Combo Drive

I was modding my Liteon LDW-411s to the LDW-811s using instructions found at but when I wrote the eeprom to the drive, I did not notice the chosen drive at the top of the program had changed to the internal LSC-24082K drive. It wrote the modified EEPROM info to the internal Liteon LSC-24082K drive. The drive now thinks it is a LDW-811s. :a It will read some CD’s but not all. :a I need someone to use the LTNFLASH.EXE utility to read and backup their EEPROM info for the LSC-24082K and email that dump to me at removed so I can get my internal cdrom working correctly again.

Any help here would be appreciated.


it says:

  1. Please do not request EEPROM files! Doing so is in violation of CD Freaks policy, and your request will be subject to deletion without warning. If you do not know what an EEPROM is, then do not worry about it.