Need eeprom (and flash dump) of "A" version of iHAS224, iHAS424 or iHAS624

I’m trying to restore my friend’s DRW-24B1LT (with 1.03 stock firmware, hardware revision “A”) after the upgrade of drive’s eeprom by dump edited in WinHex by unknown fool (purposes of this action are unknown to me). Original eeprom dump was lost forever. Now drive can’t write any disc (doesn’t even start the burning), but still reads DVDs and CDs fine. Laser pickup is working normally - I’ve tried to install it on my iHAS124 B and it beautifully burns any discs with that pickup.

Could anyone who owns any good working iHASx24 of “A” revision with LightScribe support dump the eeprom and flash from your drive and share it? Thank you very much in advance.

Only EPROM IHAS 224 A and firmware IHAS 224 A ZLOA bin.

Thank you very much! I will try it tomorrow and will write in this topic about results.

I had a 424 A drive before, so here were its EEPROM and ZL1P firmware.

Thank you very much, KTL.

But unfortuately this drive doesn’t work neither with czary2mary1’s eeprom, nor with your eeprom. :frowning: When I restore eeprom from any dump provided by you, the drive becomes brick and has blinking led after re-powering. Now I’ve just restored the eeprom from the dump that I’ve made before the experiment. With this eeprom drive at least can read discs.

My friend decided to leave this drive to me and to buy new one. Maybe I’ll get the drive board of the same revision in the future and then I’ll just replace the board with corrupt eeprom with it.

Thank you all very much again for the help!