Need EASY steps for burning a computer game



I have tryed burning a computer game but the software said it was copyrighted and ejected it back out and then i tryed to copy all the files from the cd on to my computer and then putting them all on the cd and i tryed the cd and then the game said please put in the origanal cd so please help… ive been trying to do this for some time now and i havnt got a easy explanation how yeat.


You will need to read the COPY PROTECTION forum. There are many variables, including drives, protection type, and software used. You may not even have a drive capable of copying a protected CD. Find out what exact make and model your drives are, and check the forum to see if they are capable.


Not sure if this is any help, but, I can remember being told by someone who burnt games for their children, that they used the Nero program to do this. I remember that they said that it was easy, but have never tried to do so myself.
Good luck as I know there will be someone here that will help you; they are all very kind, patient and knowledgeable.
Angie :slight_smile:


I havent tried it out yet but i have seen a program by slysoft called Game Jackal. it saves the game onto your computer so you do not have to put the disc in everytime that you want to play it. hope this helps