Need DVDfabdecrypter

I’ve been having trouble since installing All rips playback w/ stuttering. Where can I find Thanks!

BTW, I’m using a Plextor 716uf connected via firewire to a Dell 8600 laptop. Same movies ripped w/ dvddecrypter are ok, but as you know it’s outdated.

What I sometimes do, is with newer version 3035 is rip it with it then use dvddecrypter to burn to dvd. But I am tring platinum version. Usually will rip correctly (opened in media player to test) but it is the burn I have some troubles with. According to website it is fully functional while in trial mode.

I have only been unsuccessful 4 times but I do understand DVDFab is still working out some minor problems. I also use imgburn to compile dvd iso.

Actually, I meant playback from the hard drive, before burning, stutters.

And now, v3.0.3.5 just wouldn’t complete the rip on a disc. It just sat there…

My last install that worked fine (as far as I could tell) was, where can I d/l it from? Anyone?


Hello redsandvd. I have a version of DVDFab Decrypter that I can get to you. Let me know if you still need it. Mike

Yes, I do. Hmm, is it small enough to email, I don’t remember. Might be. Or…what do you suggest?

Thank you! :bow:

Send me a pm with your email address…
I’ll be happy to help you out.

Well, it looks like won’t work either. Just had it hang up on a DVD. It won’t complete the rip and gives an Error. What happened to these newer versions?