Need DVD Shrink Help

I was trying to backup my School Of Rock DVD using DVD shrink however there was a problem, Dvd shrink said there was a sector error and that the disk was copy protected? Could I please have some help?


Put it thru DVD decriptor first then do your DVD Shrink (you can “google” for the site=freeware)

  • or - you can download the trial version of anyDVD (google it)-


Thanks Mike, I appreciate it =)

you can find Dvd Decryptor at and a freeware to find out what copy protec it aray scanner and can be downloaded here

I really dont see why that you are having a problem Ihavent had one problem with shrink but i also use shrink with decryptor shrink will work well with others like nero and CopytoDvd

Try using Dvd Shrink and burn with Decryptor it work like a charm for me