Need DVD+R DL media for my new DVD Burner

I got an LG GE24NU30 external DVD burner for my notebook PC for Christmas and I’d like to get some DVD+R DL media for it.

The manual for the drive says the recommended media for DVD+R DL is Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, Verbatim and Ritek. The available write speeds for DVD+R DL are 2.4x, 4x, 6x and 8x.

I’ve been looking at and found these. It’s a 20 disc spindle and is rated at 2.4x.

Would that media work well for my needs of backing up personal data?

I’ve read that those 2.4x media can actually be written at 4x and 6x. Is that true? What speed should I write them at?

And what about the possible differences of that 20 disc spindle whether it’s been made in India or Singapore? If there is a difference, how big is it?

I usually use 4x for burning these. You only want the Singapore made media.

Those should also be Singapore.

So, is ordering it from making it a gamble?

So, is ordering it from making it a gamble?

Not really. 2 things right about this photo make it a good choice: 1) “AZO”, 2) “Verbatim”…If you factor in Free Shipping it’s a wash…:cool:

EDIT: See Also:

I just got a pack of them from Amazon. It’s made in Singapore, but the label slightly differs from the Amazon photo. It doesn’t say “AZO up to 6x” in blue lettering. It does say AZO in yellow lettering above the part that reads 2.4x DVD+R DL in yellow lettering.

I inserted the first one into my external LG and IMGBurn says the disc ID is MKM-001-00 and the supported write speed is only 2.4x.

I attempted to burn at 4x and got this:

W 16:27:07 Write Speed Miscompare! - Wanted: 5,540 KB/s (4x), Got: 3,324 KB/s (2.4x)
W 16:27:07 The drive only supports writing these discs at 2.4x.

And I also saw this warning:

W 16:27:07 L0 Data Zone Capacity Miscompare!
W 16:27:07 Wanted: 2082096, Got: 2086912

What happened here? Is it my drive that only burns at 2.4x with these discs or is it the disc itself?

Otherwise, the burn completed successfully.

Verbatim has two different mid codes for their DL media. MKM 001 is the slower speed stuff and MKM 003 is rated at 8x. Most drives can burn the MKM 001 discs at 4x, but apparently, yours is an exception.

Not sure what is going on with the second warning, though L0 refers to the first layer of the double layer disc. And sector 2086912 is the last area for positioning of the layer break. Was this a movie or a data disc?

It’s a data disc.

Since it seems my drive can’t burn my DVD+R DL discs above 2.4x when the manual clearly states it can go to 4x, 6x and 8x, could my drive’s firmware be faulty? The drive is fairly new on the market but my drive apparently already has the latest firmware version NT00-02.

I’d still like insight to that layer 0 miscompare warning. I burned a second data DVD+R DL disc and it too had that warning.

I never burn any DVD video onto discs like these. Just data.

I found this thread at the ImgBurn forums:

Which led to several other threads, including this one:

So the layer 0 miscompare warning is a result of a bug in the frimware of LG external DVD burners?

Does that mean the burn could be bad or is it something that can be ignored?

Beyond my experience mattg568. You could start a thread here in the ImgBurn forum and post your entire burn log. Lightning UK checks in fairly frequently.