Need dvd player software?



Just got an NEC 3520a with Roxio easy media creator 7 basic. Should there have been dvd playback software with it? ? I cannot play retail copy protected dvd’s with it. Thanks for helping a newbie.


DVD Region+CSS Free, or/and
They do work
John :slight_smile:


you can use Media Player Classic to play commercial/retail DVDs…google it…


Real Player also works, if you can live with the fact that it is very annoying.


I like PowerDVD by Cyberlink. They do have a trail version. :slight_smile:


Payware: PowerDVD is the best of the bunch.

Freeware : Media Player Classic (MPC) and Videolan (VLC). Both excellent, I use MPC. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I found a powerdvd disk, installed it and all is well.