Need DVD Drive That Burns CDs Well

My Benq 1650’s CD laser just died. I’m looking for a new IDE drive that scans and burns well, including CDs since I burn lots of CDs. I don’t have room for two drives since I have three HDs and just one empty space for an optical drive.

The Liteon LH-20A1H seems to be highly recommended in this forum because it both scans and burns. Does the LH-20A1H burn CDs well? I have a year-old Liteon 1693 that never burned CDs well. In fact, it is currently producing CDs with multiple C2 errors and a quality score of zero. Did Liteon fix the CD writing on the LH-20A1H?

I will be using quality media exclusively, since I’ve ordered TY CDs and DVDs and have a stockpile of these.

It wi burn CDs well with low speeds.
Asus, LG, Pioneer burn them better at fast speeds.

I always burn CDs at 16X. Even at 16X, my Liteon 1693 is producing the C2 errors and quality score of zero that I mentioned above. (The 1693 is burning DVDs fine, with a quality of 93). Can you confirm that the LH-20A1H will produce CDs with quality scores in the low 90’s, when written at 16X?

The reason I need good quality CDs produced is because I have audio programs on tape, such as books on CD, or lectures on CD. They are irritating to listen to if there is skipping on the CD.

Do any of the other drives, the ASUS, LG, or Pioneer allow scanning? I’ve grown accustomed to checking the quality of my burns. I guess I wouldn’t have to check burn quality if I could be sure that my burner was cranking out good copies.

I don’t have a very sophisticated setup here. My PC is five years old, a P4 with Win 2000 Pro. I use CloneCD and CloneDVD2. If I get an IDE card, would that allow me to use two optical drives, one for scanning and one for writing, or would that be too slow?

The LH-20A1P does a great job of burning TY CD-R, even at 48x.
The A1H should be just as good. Here’s one I burned today.