Need DVD-CD writer Buy Advice

I am new, hope you can help. I have been searching around the forums here, and there is a lot to take in :bigsmile:

I am looking for a new DVD/cd writer. I want to:

  1. Burn data DVD/CD media
  2. Burn Movies
  3. Burn Music CD’s
  4. Occasional Game DVD/CD
  5. A decent reader/scanner.
  6. I want a black model or included black face plate.
  • I like the review on the LG GSA-H10A but it appears to only be available at Newegg in beige.

I am looking at the following but please throw out other models if they are better. Right now these models have free shipping at Newegg:

LH-20A1P-186-Retail $33.99
LH-20A1P-185-OEM $33.99
**What is difference in the 185/186 at the end of part number?

SH-S182M-BEGN-OEM $30.99
SH-S183L-OEM $44.99 (This one may be over my buget)
**What does the M and L stand for?

I am also considering a Pioneer 111 or 112?

I want the best over all performance for the money (Of Coruse!)

I would like the drive to be fairly quiet. I have a 1653 now I think (it says 1673 but I flahed it to the 1673 a long time ago–Liteon). The Liteon is pretty quiet for the most part and has served me well–but I am looking for something better as that model is old now and I am not sure how long she has left.

Thanks for any input! :bigsmile:

PS I am searching at:

  1. Newegg (I like the best).
  2. Mwave (ordered from them before)
  3. Zipzoomfly (not my first choice but searching there)

Any other good online stores to match the service of Newegg you can recommend??

1., 2., 3., 4., 6. are covered by virtually all modern drives nowadays.
If you want 5., you should go for a LiteOn.

IIRC, 186 and 185 are just numbers for the different packagings (Retail, OEM). Retail packaging may include an additional bezel in another color (black + white) while OEM usually only come with either black or white.

S182M has LightScribe, S183L is SATA.

1a. How did you know what the difference between the M and the L?? Is there a chart or reference some where on cdfreaks? There is so much information on cdfreaks it is hard some items.

  1. Is there a way to look up for example 182m vs 182d (the m vs the d)? I read on a forum here one poster said them was a better “reader” then the “d”??

  2. Is there still a preference to a “Two Sheep Writer” or is that old tech?

  3. It sounds like you are saying the samsung and pioneer are not good readers, is that correct?

Is there “any other” drive or model number in the $30-$40 range you would recommend??

I am open to all options!! :bow:

Unless this is old the lh-18a1p has issues with windows sp2:

The fix is you have to call MS to get hot fix (who wants to do that), or roll back so SP1, not a good option either.

Does the 20aip have these same issues??

I would like a drive that does not have OS issues :frowning:

The Samsung ODD website is pretty informative. They have the specs and manuals for all their products. You can also search this and other forums for info. Just remember to take forum reading with a grain of salt because most posts are about problems with a piece of equipment and not praise. That said, I’d like to add that I am pretty pleased with my Samsung SH-S182M in an I/O Magic USB case.

Before you buy a SATA drive i would go to a local shop and ask them what is their return policy is and try one. Some mobo’s don’t like SATA drives. I have a 865 based mobo that the S183L works good in and no complaints. It’s not good for scanning though. If you need scanning buy a Lite-On.

S183L is SATA and LightScribe.

Yea, I did not know that one drive was SATA.

I want an IDE drive. I have SATA but all sata ports are being used by hard drives.