Need DVD burner for Toshiba Satellite A85-S1072

Laptop Model # = A85-S1072

Part # = PSA82U-00R00R

Can anyone here suggest a good DVD burner for this laptop? And possibly one of the better places for purchasing the drive - bearing in mind both cost and the trustworthiness of the seller/store?

Any information greatly appreciated.

First off let me say that I work on Toshiba Laptops for a living.

From what I have seen the Panasonic (Matishuta) laptop drives are the most popular for manufactures to use.

Occasionally I see some NEC drives and I have heard good things about them. That said, Whenever I test drives at work, so long as the panasonic drive is not broken it works very well.

In my Satellite A205-S4577 (one of their newest models) I have a Panasonic UJ-850 which AFAIK is the latest drive from Panasonic. I don’t do much burning on it, but what I have done hase come out good.

Your best luck for a good price is an ebay store. Most stores that sell laptop drives overcharge like crazy just because they can.

Lastly, what drive do you have currently? Let me know and I will give you a list of DVD Burners with compatible bezel mountings.

Thanks for the info. But now it seems that the person who owns the laptop (whom I was going to replace the drive for) has changed their mind, and may just not get that done… either that or else they’ve forgotten.

Either way, I do appreciate the info, as my “new” lapotp for myself as well is a Toshiba, and one day I might have to replace its optical drive - I hope not, but you never know.

Panasonics latest DVD ODD should be the 857 aka 85J.

I would suggest to use slimtype drives from LG, Pioneer (Plextor 608 is a OEM) or NEC (Optiarc).