Need drivers for Sony DRU-820A DVD-ROM

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRU-820A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i originaly had the optiarc dvd-rom in my Acer, but it stopped working somehow…it wont read anything, and i couldnt find any drivers or anything for it. so i replaced the Sony DVD+ROM Model DRU-820A.

its the same thing wid Sony also…upon restarting, the windows says its downloading drivers, but then fails. and i cant find any dirvers for it anywhere. i cant use any cds or anyhting…do u know wat i can do to fix this thing?

i have windows vista home premium SP1 on Acer Aspire desktop.:frowning:

when you open the device manager in your control panel does your drive show up on the list ?If it does then you dont need any special drivers just your burning software of choice.

yes it does show up, but it has a small yellow triangle next to it. wat does that mean?

and by “burning sofware of choice” u mean that i need someting like Nero?

wen i restart it after uninstalling the says, installing device drivers… then it says “failed to install device drivers”

Try this: Click here to resolve your Device Manager issue (Windows shows Code xx, Drivers are not installed for your device; etc)

this link is for windows XP, i can only install the ‘guided help’ if i have windows XP or the other operating systems they r talking about. i have vista home premium

Here’s a link (without Guided Help though) for Vista:

Maybe that one will help. :slight_smile:

There you are. :slight_smile:

The directions in the link provided by Arachne are the same as Method 2 in the link I provided, btw. :wink: