Need drivers for linux

Hey, I need to find v3.0 drivers for my linksys wusb11. If no drives exist then linux isn’t for me :sad:

It seems to work somewhat if you do a quick search on google.ökning&meta=
If you can live without the pengiun FreeBSD (5.3) seems to have support for it. - search for wusb11

The link to freebsd was about version 2.8. I need the drivers for 3.0. THere is a big difference here, because 3.0 has different hardware


“I found out that the Linksys WUSB11 v3.0
uses the prism drivers (most other WUSB11 versions use the atmel

It should give you a nice starting point.

You’ll have a lot of reading to do, and perhaps a few kernel recompiles to handle.

I’m downloading a live cd version of mandrake 10.1. It has the prism drivers. SO in a few hours when it’s done, I"ll test it out. Some people have reported sucsess.