Need driver for LG-GSA4040B Please

Hi , i bought the LG-GSA4040B bulk version so i don’t have the instalation CD and i have a problem with DVD-RAM ( read here for detail : ) someone tell me i’ll need the instalation CD and i cannot find it on LG web site they say about DVD Recorder compatible with DVD-RAM : “the drag-and-drop DVD-RAM drivers that come with LG drives are licensed from other companies and can’t be posted on this site, but they are located on the CD that came with the unit” , if someone have it Please send it to me by e-mail here : ( if it’s under 20 Mb , if it’s more tell it to me and i’ll see about ftp or so

Thank’s in advance !!!

Aftre anothers post here i see that i need InCD and now it work :wink: