Need drive good at reading scratched disks

In addition to decent writing performance, I need a drive that is good at reading badly scratched/smudged DVD disks. (Well you cannot copy if you cannot read.) Any recommendations please?

My Benq DW-800A is an excellent reader on scratched and dirty discs even better than my LiteOn 812s, it is also an excellent DVD+R writer.

I second the LiteOn 812s / LiteOn 832s. They are good readers and a good replacement for CD recorders, kprobe scanning, etc.

who are seconding? pchilson recommended benq :wink:

The LiteOn’s are well known for their reading abilities of less than perfect discs. If the disc is smudged, I will clean it first before I attempt the copy process anyway.

Thanks for the suggestions. I asked because I have a DVD-9 video disk which is 1 of 10 disks of a Chinese TV series. It would play through on my old Pioneer DVD player albeit color and subtitles are lost. However, when I play it on my PC with WinDVD and my NEC2500A drive, it plays with color and subtitle but only the first half and then it gets stuck because of error and cannot continue. DVDDecripter gets stuck at the same place when I try to make a backup copy. Any idea how to get around this?

Many users of the NEC 2500 drive also have a LiteOn DVD-ROM drive for their reading duties.

I do somthing similar with my LiteOn 812S and LiteOn 832S which are used as I mentioned in my above post, but are also a good back-up / additional writer.