Need DRAG and Drop program suggestions

I posted this question in a different forum with no response. I’ll try here. Hopefully someone will help me out. Thanks in advance.

Ok , I need some help please! I figure this question must have been asked before but
I’m a new subscriber and could use your help.
First my system info: Emachine with Celeron processor 63MRam running Windows ME
(Its OEM). I’m using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.02d and Direct CD 3.03b on a HP7200i
RW drive.
I have no problems with using Easy CD however ther are many problems when trying
to use Direct CD. I have seen that it may not be compatable with ME. Ok no problem. I
want to be able to do the Drag and Drop thing from Explorer. Is there any program
out there that will allow this besides Direct CD?
Thanks for you help.

I believe Packet CD from CeQuadrat and InCD from Ahead software allow you to do the same.
However, deinstall DirectCD completely when using another program, for DirectCD is a mess to begin with (in my opnion).

Maybe you can check out for upgrades and Windows ME compatibility of DirectCD, because it SHOULD work (even though I don’t like the program one bit)…

Maybe this was of any help to you

ps you mighth want to check out to help you find these above mentioned programs.