Need Download Help!

My computer won’t download anything anymore. I was using Bittorrent for a while and all of the sudden, I keep getting error messages saying “Problem connecting to tracker …”. :sad: I have also tried to download small videos from Yahoo groups and I get an error message there also. Can anybody please give me some suggestions as to how to fix this??? :confused:

You can’t. If BitTorrent says that it cannot connect to the tracker, the tracker is simply down or not available anymore. What’s the error you get on Yahoo Groups? I’m sure that there is no real problem on your end. If you couldn’t download anything you also could surf the Internet as this is the same thing as downloading.

Ok, for some reason downloading from the internet works now, But it doesn’t matter what file I try to download through Bittorrent, none of them work, Video, Music, Programs, they all say they can not connect to tracker.