Need Download Help

I live in Russia where the DSL is expensive. Does anyone know of a P2P or torrent site where you can join for a fee and basically just leach. I know it defeats the purpose of the technology but I can not afford the uploaqd rates

Leeching can be done on some p2p programs (just turn your upload rate to 0), but your download rate will suck.
Apparantly there are FTP sites you can get stuff from, but you will have to find them by yourself.

just get netlimiter. it is are program that limt’s download and upload but you just turn download right up and upload right down. i use it when i download i set the upload to 1kbs {not 1KBs } so yea i still get great speed cus the system thing’s that i am doing what i can.


wouldn’t usenet be a better option then?