Need DOS driver for Hitachi optical drive (GSA-U20N) - Boot disk problems

A user I know has a Dell Latitude E6400 computer with an optical drive marked Model No.: GSA-U20N
(which I believe is a Hitachi?).

It is absolutely essential that I get this working this way. I need to use a utility to de-crypt the hard drive before I can go fixing windows or recovering data.

I need a DOS driver for a win98 style boot disk. I tried editing config.sys for each of the big 5 (CD1.sys, CD2.sys, CD3.sys, CD4.sys, CD5.sys) but none of them allow me to boot. Does it require some newer driver and if so where can I get it?

Thanks for any help on this.


normally, the DOS drivers that are on a Win98 or WinME bootdisk should work.
Make sure, the Sata controllers are set to “IDE” (Bios setting). Also, you can’t access NTFS formatted HDDs from a DOS environment without 3rd party software.

Instead of a DOS based bootdisk, I would try something WinPE based (BartPE or a Vista install disc). A Linux Live disc like Knoppix would be another option.


Sata is in IDE. I’m not trying to access the hard drive yet.

I’m trying to get the ramdisc or whatever the boot disc creates/does to be able to read from the optical drive. I need to run a little program called recover.exe from it to unencrypt the hard drive. Problem is it comes up as “Device driver not found ‘cd001’” yada yada.

I dont think this program will run in a windows environment, or at least they havent provided one to us. I’ll start messing with a Ultimate boot disc build but the installer was crashing because our corpoate network is blocking it.

Got it to work. Not 100% sure how.

I decided F*** it and replaced the mscdex with cdromsys.exe - a program that has all 5 cd.sys files inside it, at first I thought it was just a self extracting archive but now I think it can detect which driver the optical uses and sets that to be used.

Weird though that I made the first 5 discs using the cd.sys files extracted from cdromsys.exe and none of them worked… yet this one did.