Need direction to good MP3/Audio Forum

I love this site but the audio section doesn’t get much traffic. Does anyone know where a good forum resides to ask questions and discuss audio/MP3?


Mostly tech talk
What are you wondering about?


Two questions actually :

  1. Need a good Music organizer. Something that can not only edit ID3 tags but also rename the filename, pulling from CDDB is a plus. Export list to excel is nice… tracking collection over various CD-R’s is good too. Ability to track all popular music formats, etc. Wondering about recommendations.

  2. Problem I’m having with files getting renamed. I use Easynews as my usenet server, you can webbrowse it. For some reason when I save a file from easynews it will frequently change the file name.

For instance, if the file name is “Filename - 01 - File.mp3”, it will change it to “Filename_-01-_File.mp3”, adding underscores where there are spaces. I’m wondering why this happens and if there’s anything I can do about it? Thanks, I use windows XP btw.

Try Tag&Rename, a shareware application. There are others, too (MPEG Audio Collection / MAC), also rather huge all-in-one programs like J. River Media Center or dBpowerAMP.