Need Different CD/DVD Burning Software other than NERO

I have been using Nero for years now, since Nero 5 had come out. I am now using Nero 7 and to be honest with you, I have been completely dissapointed with nero.

I am looking to change to a different burning software, any suggestions.

I have tried Burn4Free and CDBurnerXP Pro 3 but I did not get any with either of them.

If you’r not not satisfied with Nero then you won’t be with any other one. Keep try the cheap and free ones.

you need to specifically state your needs in a program nero is a HUGE suite ranging from backup software to cd burning to avi to dvd conversion. there’s no other “all-in-one” that does it.

tell us exactly what you need and we can recommend individual programs for you.

i personally don’t like nero as a whole , but I recognize that it does SOME things right and many people like that they have the all in one tool. I hang onto Nero Burning ROM for data burns, and I use Nero Vision express for avi to dvd conversion from time to time. other than those, i normally look to other programs depending on what I’m trying to do.

so let us know what you’re trying to do and we can recommend some stuff.

If you just need a nice and clean CD/DVD burning app, then i would recommend Jamie’s burnatonce. It’s a frontend for several good and stable command-line apps like cdrdao(CD), cdrecord(DVD), mkisofs(ISO creation), readcd(read CD/DVD to ISO format) etc. For burning CD-DA’s, then i would recommend Gambit’s Burrrn. It’s a frontend for cdrdao and many audio decoders and other tools. Besides it’s nice and clean interface, and low memory foot-print(just like burnatonce), then the main reason i’m using this tool instead of eg. burnatonce for CD-DA’s, is that you can drop WavPack/FLAC/APE images with embedded cuesheet’s onto the Burrrn window, and then Burrrn will automatically extract the cuesheet and decode the image to WAV, and burn it to disc.

The only reason i have been using Nero lately(v6.6.0.18), is that for some strange reason, then my new Plextor PX-755A was taking about 10 min. to write a DVD+R at 16x speed with burnatonce(cdrecord), so i used Nero instead for writing DVDs, but now that i have just ordered a LG 4167B, then i will quit using Nero entirely.

burnatonce v0.99.5 :

Burrrn v1.14b2 :

Instructions for adding DVD support to burnatonce :

Download Cdrtools v2.01.01a10 :

Download cygwin1.dll v1.5.19 :

Go into your burnatonce\external folder and rename cygwin1.dll to cygwin1.dll.old. Copy cdrecord.exe + cygwin1.dll to your burnatonce\external folder and rename cdrecord.exe to prodvd.exe.

Why is is so hard to simply take a bootable DVD and create an ISO? You can’t do it easily with Nero 7.

Is seems that they’ve become so detached from reality – the marketing department needs to be shot.

It’s so simple: inster bootable DVD, create ISO.

Why is this like dealing with a dysfunctional child? I’ve paid money for this tool and it makes simple actions impossible.

Even the update process is convolutied and over engineered.

Get ImgBurn, the best burning software out there.

AVS DiscCreator 2.1:

Simple, but mega-free. :slight_smile: