Need DH-16ABSH11B dumps please

i am in need of your stock backup of eeprom/firmware of DH-16ABSH11B drive, manufactured Dec/2011 or near that date, the date is very important as this drive is not crossflashable to ihas even tho it pretends to be a 11B drive, thank you

I have this drive as well, and a copy of the eeprom and firmware. (See photo) firmware YA12
I have never met in this model of another type as PLD-DH24ABSL (B)
I also have this model and firmware Eeprom:

DH16ABLH–firmware 3HD9
DH16ABSH-firmware YHDD
DH16ABS-firmware PD11
DH16ABSH-firmware YL32

my revision is PLD-DH-24ABL (B) F/W YA12 can you upload firmware/eeprom for it? or would you email it to me?

I’m behind the house, tomorrow I will try to upload it.
But I upload my Eeprom can make that drive will be out of calibration, and may have trouble with reading \ writing.

What’s your problem with crossflash to ihas B?
The design of PLD-DH-24ABL (B) is exactly the same model is in the LiteOn iHAS B and never had a problem with crossflash DH-16ABSH for LiteOn iHAS B and its clones.

my drive was manufactured in December of 2011, it can not be crossflashed to ihas, i mean i can flash it but it doesn’t work, it’s just dead… and i didn’t make a backup of eeprom, thats why i’m looking for eeprom/flash of Dec 2011 or around that date

The design of PLD-DH-24 ABL (B) was produced until December 2012- 100% you have a model that can be crossflah to Liteon ihas B unless it was swapped with something from the inside and was housing.
Or do you need something badly or damaged firmware upload.
Check well -!
Download images

i just redid all thats in the link you posted, and still same thing, not getting any response from the drive even tho it shows that the firmware has been changed, it’s possible that someone swapped the insides, ill take it apart and post some pictures

Apparently there is something wrong-can damage memory recorder or something else.
I am at least 30 pieces DH16ABSH crossflash for LiteOn 124 B without any problems.

a link to the firmware and eeprom
DH16ABSH fw.YA12

still nothing, i think it either fried or it’s a different hardware revision, interesting it still has 2mb flash, anyways, i got a new drive, i was hoping maybe i could resurrect this one but it’s not gonna happen, thanks a lot for helping out, i appreciate it

[B]myce_vip[/B], could you make some photos of drive board (top and bottom sides) and optical pickup (bottom side)?

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it has the MediaTek MT-1839LN chipset

At 1000% design PLD-DH-24 ABL (B) -So should easily be converted into ihas B!
Or something broken or suspended.
Can try to upload the firmware bin DOSFlashV2.0 program. and see if anything changes?

[B]myce_vip[/B], does the LED blink after you changed the firmware to iHAS124 B?

no the led doesn’t work at all, it used to before but now it doesn’t light up anymore

So, the drive can’t be even recognized by PC? Doesn’t show up even in BIOS?

no it’s recognized by bios and windows, but there is no led activity at all and i can’t eject it

[QUOTE=myce_vip;2738960]no it’s recognized by bios and windows, but there is no led activity at all and i can’t eject it[/QUOTE]

i can get it to solid green by flashing 124 firmware on it with dosflash, but when i convert it with eeprom it just goes dead or says i have an invalid eeprom file, depending on which eeprom i have flashed

[B]myce_vip[/B], have you done the backup of eeprom from the drive after you flashed iHAS firmware but BEFORE you started to flash other eeprom dumps? If not - drive board will be impossible to recover.

no i dont have it, didnt make a backup of it, i thought any eeprom would work