Need DFAB Ver.

I know I should keep the older versions however, I upgraded to ver. and have had nothing but problems. Does anyone have a copy of the older version :bow: Thanks in advance.

You should post your problems to help Fengtao to fix his program. You could try beta versions until to see if problem is gone as i’m not at home for setup.

Hi EEngineer
What kind of problems are you having with version :confused:
Have you tried asking for help on any of the issues that you are having, almost every member here in the DVDFab forum are willing to help those who have problems and most of the time the issue gets fixed.
So what is the Problem :confused:

Tim :bigsmile:

Are You Looking For DvDFab Gold or Platinum? I Have Gold Ver. If This Is What You Want Pm Me Your E-Mail And I Will E-Mail It Too That For You.

Also EEnigeer, if you go backwards you are losing the better decrypter engines that keep coming out in the updates. You’ll go to back up a new movie and won’t be able to and where will you be then? There’s people here that are VERY good at trouble shooting. Give them a chance and tell us the problem. Also, welcome to CDFreaks, come on in an set a spell. ~ Mike

Send me a pm with your e-mail address and I will send you I have both DVDFab Decrypter and Platinum

Remember too that is not a supported version anymore. If you have problems with it, the first advice from anyone on the forum (or the company) will be to upgrade to the current release. I suspect you may also find that the problem you are having (whatever it is:confused: ) is not related to the version of DVDFab and may persist after you rollback to


I have the same problem as you. Going back to or split still doesn’t work. Tell me where to send them.

Her problem has to do with making a copy of a downloaded Movie with a locking-volume so I don’t think earlier version is going to help

SORRY :rolleyes: about my last post thought this was another thread forgive me :bow: :bow: :bow:

LOL thats what happens when we get OLD Tim :bigsmile:

Isn’t that profiling ??? LOL. I’m with ya too I guess. Boy do we have it made or what.~ Mike

Mike you bet we do ( old retired farts ) :slight_smile:

Yea your right BUT I just hate those senior moments

If you still need an earler version, I would think that you should be able to do a system restore to a day that you had that version installed on your computer.