Need Desperate help possible waste of money!

hello i have just purchased clone dvd 2 retail key because i heard about the reviews and thought it was good because my house cat opens thing like dvd cases by scratching them and gets to the discs and then claws them therfore ruining the discs or scratching them. So i decided to back them up with this new program i live in australia and it is legal to own this. but when i put a perfectly new disc in the drive it comes up with the message below and i can’t take any further steps for copying it. This disc is brand new and i bought it from sanity by the way. I need to know how to get around because i wasted alot of money
im really angry!

“NOTE: You will see an error message if your DVD is CSS-encoded and CloneDVD 2 cannot load your DVD.”


Typically every commercial DVD uses CSS protection. You have not wasted your money, you just need to spend a little more on another product called AnyDVD. Which is available at along with CloneDVD.

In short, AnyDVD stays in your taskbar and decrypts CSS protection and all sorts of other rubbish the manufacturer puts on the disc and allows its brother CloneDVD to copy it.

link to AnyDVD

Very well put. :bigsmile: