Need Definitive Answer on GSA5120D Firmware Update


I really like the features and performance of the 5120D, and I need an external drive with both USB & Firewire, so I don’t want the 4120, however, I need to know if the 5120D will support the DVD-ROM booktype with DVD+R DL media for use in standalone DVD players.

There has been quite a bit of discussion about this here and in the firmware forum and elsewhere on the net, specifically about flashing the 5120D with the 4120’s A11 firmware update to enable bitsetting… but no one has reported diefinitively whether not not this works for burning DVD+R DL media for use in standalone DVD players.

Anyone out there that can answer for sure (i.e. you have a 5120D with flashed A11 firmware and can burn DVD+R media as DVD-ROM booktype)?


Flashing the 5120 with 4120’s firmware is 100% sure that you’ll be able to change the book type in DVD+R SL and 50% that DL will work (i was the one that posted first the problem and the Dangerous Brothers :bow: hacked the firmware).

Now for DL i don’t know… wasted 5 Verbatim DL’s to find out that the A104 firmware is CRAP … and now with the new hacked firmware i’ll wait till the discs price drops…

PS. I e-mailed LG several times but they just ignored me… After sales = Crap as their product

LG normally doesn’t respond to user emails which is just according to common sense. I’ve had successes only in GSA-4120B, GSA-4160B, and GSA-4163B writing to many DL disks at 2.4x and 4x. Even with the N0AD pre-release firmware and what’s crap about it? You just don’t know.


I’d like suggest wait for GSA-5163D unless you need to have one urgently. GSA-5163D is far better than GSA-5120D.

Thanks. Unfortunately I am in the U.S. and considering that the 5160d isn’t available for retail here, I might have a long wait :sad: and $99 US for the 5120d seems like a pretty good deal since it seems that A111 firmware will fix the lack of support for bitsetting…

Kenshin, in what way is the 5163d superior (other than speed), I’m really most interested in burning quality, for which the 4120b and 5120d are well known…

GSA-5163D is not just faster but also better in writing quality at 16x speeds. Though from the usual consumer’s point of view, it would be very difficult to notice by playing in a standalone DVD player and DVD-ROM PC drive. But don’t w e have some kind of obsession about KProbe and CD-Speed DQT results? :bigsmile:

@ Kenshin

Do you mean at 12x speeds? I could see that as a good reason to wait for GSA5163d… but if 5120d writes 12x with the same quality as 5163d then I would go with 5120d for price…

Anyone seen it (5163d) available in US markets?

5163D is not released anywhere.