Need Data Lifeguard tools that will work with Vista



I have a new WD5000KS hard drive. The Data Lifeguard disc that came with it will not work with Vista. Does anyone know where I can D/L one that will work? I turned on the right Sata port and the device manager can see the drive. I just need the utility that will partition the drive.


Here you go. 32-bit only though apparently.


just use windows built-in disk management,not sure where it is located on vista but on xp it was on control panel–>administrative tools–>computer managment–>disk managment

@jhtalisman thats not it , the link you provided is for datalifeguard diagnostic which is used to test the drives health , what he needs is the datalifeguard [B]tools[/B] which is used to partition new drives , theres no vista compatible version of the dlg tools


Thanks Easter. I will try that. I tried it on a XP machine and could not get it
to work. That was when I found out about the DLT.


you welcome :smiley: , well if you find the windows disk managment
bit hard to handle then you can just use the bootable (dos) version of datalifeguard tools , or partition logic/gparted (freeware partition managers,also bootable)


Easter…I got it running now. It is formatting the new drive now. Hope I am doing the right thing. Its been running about 10 minutes and is about 20 % done. Sure is slow for a new Dual Core.


the formatting speed is not related to the processor , it depends if you choose quick or full format , a quick format just formats and thats it so its well… quick , a full format also scans the disk surface for bad sectors which is why its taking way longer , so usally its better to use the full format when formatting the drive first time


Easter…Got it fixed. I stopped the format and started it over in the quick mode. It formatted in about 3 seconds. I just transferred 4.4 G from c drive to the new WD sata drive. It took less than 35 seconds to transfer. Thanks for the help.


in vista right click on the setup file and go into properties the compatability and set it to windows xp sp2.