Need "Cyberlink Power DVD" download for Everio GZ-MG330 (JVC GZ-MG330 HDD Camcorder 30GB Silver)

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the JVC GZ-MG330 HDD Camcorder 30GB Silver. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]I cannot find the Software that came with my GZ-MG330 Everio Camcorder.  The software is on my laptop and was on my desktop, till it crashed.:doh: Never will I buy Gateway again, it is built backwards inside (product non-interchangable). Now my gutted and rebuilt (oh ya, its much better :bigsmile: thank you) desktop won’t run my camcorder (sorta). I need to find the original programs. I will update later.

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For playback, VLC (website) will play back the recordings on the camcorder. The only drawback with VLC is that it does not automatically deinterlace the video, so when you begin playback, go into the Video menu, select “Deterlace” and then “Linear”. This is what I mainly use for playing back footage from a JVC HDD camcorder I use. :wink:

If you much prefer PowerDVD, try seeing if your PC or DVD drive came with it, as it is commonly bundled with PCs and DVD writers.

For DVD conversion of the clips, try DVD Flick, which will take in the video clips and author a DVD from them.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Cyberlink Powerproducer version that came with JVC’s camcorders was one of Cyberlink’s best versions, so I would suggest having a good look around for that disc. They have crippled and taken out some features in the newer Powerproducer versions, making some features optional purchasable extras and added some annoying advertising. For example, I did the mistake of upgrading to PowerProducer 4 and was taken to Cyberlink’s online shop at least 10 times when trying to prepare my last DVD due to its sneaky embedded advertising! :confused: