Need converting help with covertXtodvd

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i wanted to see if any one can help me out i have 6 movies on my computer that i need to convert to dvd format is there anyway that when you add the 6 movies to convertXtodvd that each file will be converted to its own folder caues when i try to convert the 6 movies last time they were all converted to one folder

Convert them one by one and you’ll have a different folder for each one. This will however give you six separate discs to copy onto DVDs. If you want them all on one DVD, then you will end up with one folder. This is necessary because of the standard structure of a DVD.

i know that if you convert them one by one it will make different folders for each of the movies the thing is that it is a pain to be convert them one at a time and to be checking my computer ever 1 hour to see if the movie has finish converting i would Prefer just to drop all movies at once and not to worry to be checking them ever 1 hour and also like that if i would have to go out somewere i would just be able to drop all the movies that i need to convert and when i get back home they would all be done there most be a program out there like this one that you can do this do you know of any or can it be done with this one

Read this forum. There is script for CxD that allows you to do this.

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what is a script for CxD that you are talking about dont no were to look for it i dont even know what it is can you give me a little more info on this thanks :confused:

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Here’s some reading material for the Batch Commands…

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